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Material info and care of my jewellery

Material and quality

I focus on both the aesthetic and the good quality. My team and I therefore make the jewelery with precision, and are made of 925 branded sterling silver with or without 18 carat gold coating. The earrings are studded with pearls of genuine swarovski crystal, pearls of semi-precious stones, artificial zirconia that makes them stronger than crystal, as well as stone pearls and glass pearls.

Why has my jewelry turned black?😩

Black spots or discoloration on the jewelery are due to oxidation and are a natural silver reaction (unfortunately). This can happen because the jewelery reacts to oxygen, i.e. the oxygen in the air. So, a black piece of jewelery is NOT a complaint, as this can happen with all jewelery and is not due to a fault or poor workmanship.
Discolouration can be caused by contact with sweat, make-up and creams.
The oxidation can also be done with gold jewellery, as gold is an alloy and is therefore mixed with another precious metal, such as silver. So when gold jewelery turns black, it is the silver in the gold alloy that has oxidized.

This is how you clean your black jewelry😍

The black discoloration can be removed by dipping it in liquid silver cleaner for 5 seconds and no more, as this can dull them. Afterwards, rinse your jewelery in water and dry it with a cloth.

The good advice

This is how you prevent your jewelery from oxidizing and the gold fading

Your jewelry will last a long time if you remember to take good care of it. So read along here and learn more about what you should avoid, to avoid oxidation and take care of the gold coating. Gold coating will eventually wear off, but you can delay this process by taking care of them <3

  • Take off your jewelery at night, as you usually sweat at night, which can cause discolouration of the jewelery and the skin.
  • Do not let your jewelery come into contact with water when you wash your hands, clean and take a shower, so you avoid easier contact with soaps. This also extends the gold plating of the jewellery.
  • Take off all your jewelery when putting on make-up, cream or perfume. This is especially important with my freshwater pearls as they lose their luster if they come into contact with beauty products.
  • When you're cooking, it's also a good idea to leave the jewelery on, so you avoid a blob of meat sauce on your favorite bracelet;)


My jewelery is made of 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver. This means that the gold will eventually wear off. In order for your gold jewelery to last forever, I offer to gild them again, for only DKK 50 each. Send me an email at if you want to have your jewelery gilded again✨